In the Near North Side there are many tutor/mentor programs to benefit children in need. In Lincoln Park, there are only two tutor/mentor programs. One is run through Lincoln Park High School and is strictly for high school students. The other is Christopher House. Christopher House is located on Greenview Avenue and attracts the community of Old Town as well. This is a place where the community can go to further their education and financial needs. Although Christopher House mainly deals with children, they also help family in need as well. Their mission is to keep kids enrolled in school and eventually enroll them into college with a successful career. Christopher House is a very successful program in Lincoln Park and strives to help people in need. The neighborhood of Lincoln park is unique for it being located in the heart of DePaul University’s campus, the Vincent DePaul Church, and the Fullerton El Stop. http://www.christopherhouse.org/site/PageServer (Both tutor and mentor program)

In Uptown Chicago, there a select amount of tutor/mentor programs but one program that is the most successful is called Inspired Youth. This is a program that serves the academic needs of student’s containing a variety of different programs along with tutoring such as Inspired Youth Singers and the Summer Piano Institute. This specific tutor/mentor program specializes in reading and writing skills and has earned recognition from numerous organizations, including the Chicago Bar Association. Their overall success rate is pretty good and all the leaders of this program have had over twenty years of experience. This is a great way for the children to get involved with their community not only academically, but also through the variety of activities this program provides. Uptown is unique for its easy access to LakeShore Drive and proving many activities for the community to get involved in. http://www.inspiredyouthchicago.org/ (Tutor/Mentor)

In the Loop, the program ChildServ is an organization that provides unserved children and their family’s service to improve safe and nurturing home environments. Today they serve over 4,113 children and families. Their mission is to prosper into a long-term vision for children. This program educates children and their families to overcome challenges and has a high success rate. The Loop area is unique for its  central business district, and many shopping opportunities, and tall skyscrapers and highrises. http://www.childserv.org/ (Pure Mentor)

In the South Loop, the program 100 Black Men of Chicago is an after school tutor/mentor program which serves the needs of children not only academically but also physically. This is an after school program and early Saturday mornings where kids have somewhere to go to further their education. Along with academics, this program also gives opportunities to enroll in basketball camps to keep the kids active. This program is very successful and is recommended by many other organizations. Tutor/mentor programs are located all throughout the North Side of Chicago. All of these programs seem to have a high success rate because of the many opportunities that they provide the children with. The South Loop is growing rapidly, with Grant and Millenium Park so close, people living in this area have easy access to these places.  http://100bmc.org/ (Tutor/Mentor)

After researching all of our tutor/mentor programs we have come to find out that they all strive for the same goal, to keep children off the streets and in school, while helping their families at the same time. These programs are recommended by many organizations and seem to be well-liked by the community. These programs have many participants that take advantage of the many opportunities they provide.


After reading the article, we were shocked to find out that families are struggling with the high cost of living life everyday in Chicago. The conditions of the children who are living in poverty will later in life suffer, because they will not receive the same benefits that wealthy children do. Wealthier children have resources, for example books at home and help in their schools, where as children living in poverty do not receive these resources. Wealthier children have a better home life, compared to children living in poverty. Children living in poverty are more susceptible to crime and gangs because it is easier to live in a wealthy community opposed to a poorer community. In general, wealthier children have a more positive outlook on life.

In Lincoln Park, the community is generally wealthier. There are not as many tutoring/mentoring programs because the schools provide a better education than other areas in Chicago. Lincoln Park children are benefited with the resources that they are given at school. The Loop area, on the other hand, provides many tutoring/mentoring programs. These programs are there to prevent children from getting into trouble. Tutoring/mentoring programs are usually free of cost to help the children of the city. Although these programs are here to help the children, not as many children as they would like participate. Uptown provides a selected amount of tutoring/mentoring programs for children. The programs that they do have are very beneficial and do not only provide schooling for children, but they also include activities to keep the children involved and active. All of the programs positively impact the youth and it provides a safe environment outside of the streets. Old Town does not provide as many tutoring/mentoring programs because it is not as popular place for families to live. There are not as many schools in Old Town compared to cities like Lincoln Park and the Loop. There are more attractions and the town is more historical. Finally, the South Loop offers the most tutor/mentoring programs in the Near North Side. This is because the South Loop has a higher crime/poverty rate so this is the communities way of keeping the children out of trouble. These programs in the South Loop help the children stay in school and stay out of gangs. Since the parents are not there to provide for their children as much, these programs give the children an opportunity to enhance their education. From these tutor/mentor programs, children that need guidance or a place to go are able to excel not only in academics, but also in life.

Putting it all together

The near north side of Chicago consists of Lincoln Park, The Loop, Old Town, Uptown, and the South Loop. The Lincoln Park area contains the beauty of Chicago. If you live in Lincoln Park you are around a wealthier area and good school community. Many schools in Lincoln Park are Magnet schools and parents are willing to contribute to their children’s education. With the DePaul campus in the heart of Lincoln Park, the streets are always crowded with youthful excitement. As students at DePaul University, we experience the beauty and excitement that Lincoln Park has to offer everyday. It is a friendly and diverse environment bringing new culture to incoming students. The Loop consists mainly of the public transit system. Its most commonly known transit system is the “L” and the CTA busses. This mode of transportation is an inexpensive and efficient way to get around the city. The Uptown area of Chicago has many attractions, with new shops and restaurants opening every year. Uptown offers residents and tourists easy access to beautiful Lake Shore Drive and Lincoln Park. This area is gradually becoming more wealthy as time goes on. Old Town contains historical buildings giving Chicago a warming charm. Old Town is an entertaining area , and is home to the comedy enterprise Second City. It is a very desirable area to live in because it is close to everything. Old town property value is very high, and is home to various ethnicities and cultures. The South Loop is changing rather quickly. The town is becoming more developed everyday. Columbia College houses most of their residents. This area is home to the laregest homeless shelter in the Chicago. The near north side is becoming a more and more popular place to reside in. More people are choosing to move in the area and raise families. With downtown Chicago just an “L” stop away it makes the Near North Side a convienant and desirable location.

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